If some one is sending shayari on Whatsapp what does it convey about his emotion

 what if someone is sending you shayari on WhatsApp, what does it convey about his emotion?


Let's assume that a person you know for few days like a new social media friend, college friend, or a colleague [ you are not in a relationship with him ], after a few days of casual chatting he is sending you some shayari posts often.

 So does it mean he is having some emotions about you?

The answer clearly depends upon what type of Shayari or quotes he sends. Let's suppose he sends:-

⁃ flirty love Shayari

If  he is sending you some flirty love Shayari quotes  or tagging you in such posts on social media, it's sure that he is trying on you.

He could have some genuine feelings for you or even just flirting with you. You can't figure out the reality unless you know him in real or spent time with him.

Don't just fall for him only because you love the lines or Shayari he sends to you or posts he tags you on. 

Funny Shayari or memes

if  he is sending you some really funny Shayari or memes on Whatsapp  or other social media, then anything could be expected.

As we all love to laugh at funny posts and share it with our friends to also make them laugh. He might also be doing the same.

But if he is doing it too often or sending particularly to you only then the matter might be serious.

If you make someone laugh, the chance of attracting him to you increases. So this might be his plan to make you laugh and get closer to you.

⁃ Good morning Shayari good night Shayari

This is rarely expected from guys now, but could happen. There are people who send good morning and good night shayaris on WhatsApp without any other conversation [excluding your relative uncles and aunties, who love doing this for no reason]

If someone is sending you good morning and goodnight shayaris and quotes, he is either too shy to say what he wants to say or he wants to talk to you but can't find a relevant topic. 

What should you do?
first, you have to be clear about what you want.

do you really it and want to continue?
If you like it and want this be continued, just react to all his messages [shayaris or other posts] and send him some similar things too.

This will be an indirect consent that you like what he did and maybe you both could become more than friends.

you don't like it and want this to stop!

If you don't like some Shayari and quotes or other random posts, being sent some from him, the first thing to do is, do not react to them, don't even see them if possible. This will let him know that you are not interested.
Still if he not stop this, tell him clearly that you don't like all these. And the final option you have is BLOCK him.

Shayari or quotes are the way to express your feelings without saying it directly.

Nobody will send you 'love Shayari' or quotes everyday unless he wants to say something special to you.

so if someone is sending  Shayari messages on WhatsApp often, he must have some feelings for you or is flirting with you. 

 If you don't like this, tell him directly.If you like it than carry on.

But you can't be sure about that only by Shayari messages he sends. So talk to him, spend some time with him to know if he really has some feelings.

.............hope this was helpful.................