Best 25-heart touching Love quotes

25 best love quotes

Heart touching love quotes

Some time even thousands of words aren't enough to express what you feel but a beautiful love quote can do it easily for you. quotes have their own language to express a feeling without saying much, just in few words. Here are collection of some best and unique romantic love quotes to express different feelings of love. 

Heart touching love quotes 


-- only moment when i don't miss you is, 
    When I am with you. 

--loving you was tough 
 Not loving you was tougher
 Not thinking to love you was toughest. 

--love is not what you DO, 
   Love is what you FEEL! 

--you have two options:-
   Either Be mine OR make me yours. 

-- I want to conquer the world, 
  And my world is `YOUʼ. 

-- Roses are red sky is blue
   I want to tell you that i love YOU. 

-- you can get a person better than me, 
   But no one can love you more than me.. 

-- want to capture your fingure in a ring
    making you my queen, i will be your king. 


-- I like your style, 
  When you look at me and smile.. 

-- some things just don't have any reason, 
   Love is at top in that list.. 

-- My last wish  would be, 
   `To live with you foreverʼ.. 

-- Their may be, millions of reason
    to hate you, 
   But there are trillions of reasons 
   to love you..

-- I want to see myself in your eyes. 

-- It looks beautiful
   As if stars shine, 
   Those lips are yours, 
   And you are mine. 

-- I don't know what love is, 
  but I am sure it must look like YOU.

-- tried so many things, 
   But the best addiction is you. 

-- If you want to waste your life,
    Do waste it on me only. 

-- My best hobby is Loving you. 

best romantic Love quotes 


best love quotes 

-- you are like air around me
   I can feel you all the time. 

-- even shadow remain until light is their, 
   I want to be with you even in darkness. 

-- I think time runs too fast
   When you are with me

-- the moment I am with you, 
are the best in my life. 

-- you are like a bright star to me, 
My heart fill with joy when i see you shining. 

-- Thankful to LIFE for having you. 

-- You are the best decision of my life.It doesn't matter how good you look toghether, what matters is how much you enjoy each others company. 

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